Black Butterfly Magic

Damian Laster on January 5, 2015

Black Butterfly
One day as a Pre-K Lead teacher, the children and I had come in from the playground and were just getting seated on the carpet for story time. We were singing and doing finger plays. Oh, how I miss those days. All of a sudden, since the back door to the classroom was left open to allow heat from the summer sun to get in to cut the chill of the too cold air conditioner, A BLACK BUTTERFLY flew in, fluttered and circled over the children. They gasped and smiled and reached for the butterfly, which swooped down and landed directly on my chest right over my high-heart. I could hardly believe it as I rared back in astonishment. Then, it flew up, circled around the children again and came back and landed in the exact same spot on my heart, and then it flew up and away back out the back door. It just so happened that I was already aware that I was indeed an urban shaman in training, , then confirmed by the awesome magnificence of the black butterfly gracing me with it’s magical presence. Here about the black butterfly from a Black Butterfly Deniece Williams.

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