There is NO HIV!  There is only YOU and YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

There is nothing, nor will there ever be anything in the physical world that comes into existence without having proceeded from the spiritual realms.  Just as you make yourself sick pursuant to your beliefs and thought processes, you can also restore your health by releasing negative thoughts and emotions, including shame and guilt over sex and your sexuality.

In truth, there is nothing to be healed, only love to be revealed; love for self and love for others. You must therefore let go of your fears and respond with love. Love and acceptance of individual differences must take presence over your fears and your selfish, ill-sighted social norms and mores, in order to free yourself and others from unnecessary guilt and shame. ‚  Shame and guilt are states of consciousness that cause manifestations of physical ailments and illnesses in your body.

AWAKEN to the truth that you are a CREATOR, not a victim.

Begin by reading my story of healing, and so much more. ‚ It is about Self-Healing, Metaphysics and Spirituality.  “There is NO HIV” is not just about the HIV HOAX.  It will, however, challenge your beliefs, and rightly so.

You have allowed yourself to be disempowered by propaganda. It is my sole intent to show you that are a most powerful creator of your world. You are not a victim unless you choose to be the victim. You can create health in your body if it is ill. You can go from being dis-eased with yourself to being at-ease with yourself, and then self-heal any physical manifestation of illness in your body.

You are now invited to continue your journey toward self-realization, by reading:   There Is NO HIV, The Rainbow Warrior Exposing Truth About HIV Antibody Testing, and The Metaphysics of Self-Healing Through Chakra and Kundalini Awareness.